Last month Francesca Eastwood received death threats from angry fashionistas and many economically average individuals, for setting ablaze  her $100,000(N16,000,000) Hermes Birkin bag, in the name of art.

Now it seems Francesca is not the only one burning Bags these days, Mulberry creative director Emma Hill says that when it comes to bags,Hermes is so serious about quality.

Hermes destroys any bag not up to standard… terms of quality, No one can touch them.  If there is the tiniest imperfection in a bag, the bag will be taken to the back and BURNT…..No Compromise

Well, damn I would Happily grab those so called imperfect bags off their hands.




  1. Chai all thiis oyibo ple. dear hermes next tym ehn wen una see say u no do bag well. Kindly send to me I prefer bags lk dat. Make e no too perfect e gud 4 me so. Bloody oyibo ple. Kmt