When i hear or read about stories like this, my heart bleeds. what in the world can a child do to you, that will make you react this way? let alone your child. i just keep picturing the scene. my God. this is really the end time

.Eight months old Xiao Bao was stabbed 90 times in the face with scissors by his mother for biting her while she was breastfeeding him. The incident that has left many people shocked happened in Xuzhou, in the eastern China Jiangsu province. After the attack, the mother disappeared leaving the infant in a pool of his blood in the yard of their home. Xiao was found by his uncle who rushed him to the hospital. The baby needed more than 100 stitches. The mother, who has since been arrested, is not known to be suffering any kind of mental illness.

May God forgive us.


  1. Clinical Depression …. She probably tot its d father of her child she’s stabbing …. I pray the child recovers .