Davido launched his Album last week in Lagos, Nigeria, and as expected celebrities and people from all works of life graced the occasion.

Some were hot and others not, and that left me thinking, When will some of us know the difference between night club, dinner, award, formal or casual outfits? its just so sad really.

I rarely talk about guys outfit, but  could not take my eyes off uncle ID Ogungbe.

was he dressed up by a blind stylist? what’s with the oversized orange lab coat? and the ‘I believe ii can fly’ pose.


 I have been typing and deleting just because of you, really do not even know what to say. next time just put on a pair of jeans, and stop using native chalk as nail polish. *hiss*

So not feeling the whole outfit.

Lovely, I like.

Why cant we just differentiate between an award night, dinner and Album launch? phew

Nice enough, complete the look with an open toe next time.

I guess its colour blocking. *shrugging my shoulders*

Simply Adorable, Sandals, clutch, pants, top, all so on point. please keep it up. 

Errrrmm, can someone explain this to us? or is it just me not feeling this? ok, that BYC replaced with  a tank-top, a nice flat or wedge sandal could have done the magic though. looks like she’s the tour guard for our museum trip today.

I see a man, a lady, another man, and something else, wait i still dont know what it is, looks like something from a scary movie, but huh……its a lady. UNBELIEVABLY DISGUSTING. total turn-off.


Who goes for an Album launch dressed like this anyway? *rolling my eyes*



photo credit: Bella Naija