I sincerely do not know  why people leave their houses dressed like ‘things not of this world.

The list is endless, but these ones killed it.


This lady obviously borrowed her daughters gown and decided to ‘GRACE’ the red carpet. bulging tummy and all.

You must not follow every fashion trend now. why torment us with this unpleasant sight? we can see what you have under your leggings. *hisssss*

As for you, your case is beyond  yabaleft me. did you escape from the ocean and forgot to take off the net because you were rushing to catch the Red carpet moment?

Circus mama, the show with the animals must have been too overwhelming that you forgot to take off your costumes when the show was over.

We have ABSOLUTELY nothing to say to you.

This your net tucked into leggings na wa o. you should have gotten a size bigger, see everything outside. not nice at all.

I knew you would make the list. I really dont understand what you stand for sha.



  1. hahahahahaha, OMG Zhena you will not kill me laugh, every comment is so on point may none of this ladies has mirrors in their homes or they just wanted to make people laugh. But jokes a part the red carpet most have been crying.

  2. The girl in the net b lk cat fish wai dem just catch for bonny camp water. And she needs to be thrown back there.asap.

    The grl wv d color block layers. In short am speechless. She even had d guts to pose on red carpet. She luks lk an expensive mad woman. U knw all dis lagos island street when dem dey do carnival. The use on decoration dt is lk triangle all ova d street. Na wetyn d grl do.

    The mrs leggings. 1st of all that leggings is 500 naira in balogun market. Secondly she wore a thick free sweater for sun and she had d guts to tuck in. Showing her ugly virgina line.

    Aunty halima, pls can’t u just stop pouting lk seriously. U luk lk my dog. Inshort your insane.

    My conclusion is dys. They all need to be taken to yaba LEFT. Cos its ONLY MAD women dt dresses lk dys. And am positive dat dey are. Esp the catfish dt was caught.

  3. Very sad. Very very sad. Nobody thinks of salvation anymore. U don’t have to expose ur body to look good. Ladies pleeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!