Undressed Exhibition- A Brief History of Underwear

Undressed Exhibition 13/04/2016

Visiting a museum would naturally not cross my mind, as I am not really a fan of the Arts. But still I got excited since it was the V&A.

Located in the elitist area of London, I wondered around the ground floor for a couple of minutes, looking at pants, corset, stocking and bras basically, and then it became interesting as I started reading the little descriptions beside the images.



At the exhibition, you can find underwear designed for nursing, inspired by American design, designed to extend the bust, and all sorts, and then you find ‘Drawers for a Duchess’ the ones owned by Queen Victoria’s mother, the duchess of Kent.

Undressed certainly answers some interesting questions you would ordinarily not think about, why do women wear corset? Who invented thongs? And also gives you an in-depth knowledge on the revolution of underwear.


I found the upper floor more interesting, constantly picturing myself wearing most of the pieces displayed, as they are in trend at the moment, which means fashion is a circle, it keeps going round or how else do you explain trends from the 60s-80s taking the center stage now.


Though the ground floor was quit detailed and informative, you will easily get bored or uncomfortable especially if you are with kids. I will not say it’s a family exhibition, more like somewhere you go with the girls.

It is slightly an unusual type of exhibition, but you also get to enjoy the warmth of V&A, Remember to hold lots of money or your Black card, as everything is on the high side, in as much as ‘High’ is relative.