Policy formation, firm enforcement and criminalisation of offenders is a quick win tool for sustainable development in Nigeria and any third world country, says Arch. (Mrs.) Yemisi Suswam (MNIA) at the annual general meeting of Female Architechs of Nigeria in Kaduna. The former indefatigueable first lady of Benue state further encouraged female Architects to maintain balance in their career and family life. She said that “a committed career woman must put God first, family second and career third, while other interests can follow in their order of preference.” In the course of the FAAN conference, the ground breaking Architech reiterated the need for female Architects to set their priorities right. She also challenged the female Architects to show interest in the politics of their localities, as that will serve as springboards to understanding the dynamics of national politics.

I had to make her statement bold, you can be a successful career woman and a successful wife and mother all at the same time. It is all about priorities really.