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Is there a right/appropriate age difference between couples  for a successful marriage?

I keep hearing people say things like ‘if he was 10 years older, they wont be having issues’, or ‘the age difference is too much that’s why they are having issues’.

Please tell us what you think.



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  1. I think its more about the individuals involved.
    I have a friend married to someone 10 yrs older who tells any young girl that’ll listen not to do the same thing. And I have friends married to their age mates who say they wished they had married someone older.
    Using myself as an example, given my personality there’s no way a marriage with someone a lot older would work. So to summarise (lmao- who asked me to write an essay); I don’t think there is an appropraite age gap to make a marriage successful, what’s more important is the personalities of the people in the marriage.

  2. As far as I knw age has notin to do with marriage. Maturity is d main tin. A 30yrs old guy can be more matured dan a 45yrs old man. So having issues is based on the maturity level of d couple trust me.

  3. Foolishness comes with any age, the right match makes a marriage work whatever the age different. But I think men should be at least 10yrs older, that way man n wife might be at the same level of maturity.