4247163548_threesome_feet_400x300_xlargeYour husband is turning 40years soon, and he wants an Orgy for his birthday gift. would you oblige him?

Btw, this is your husband of about 8 years.


  1. Lmao! SMH! Nope- Oblige wetin? He should have done all that when he was younger- I’ll advise him to pierce his ears, get a tatoo and buy a motorbike (after making sure his life insurance is solid of cos!) SmH no be only Orgy KMT

  2. Yes, cos I’m a very good wife who would do any for her husband.i’ll definitely let him have a 3some only if he let’s me choose d girls, who would then tie him up and use freshly made koboko to trach out the madness in his head infact i’ll give d girls a room in my house just incase he thinks about again.

    • Haba 3ke? Dats too small now. If he wants no problem I’ll allow him but only after we’ve agreed on how much he’s gonna pay me and allow me get 2 hadsome dues whilst he sits tied to d chair n watch dem take on his wife first. Rubbish, wht dey can’t tk is wht dey will be damanding 4

  3. That’s abosolutely absord and not called for in the first instance. Sure he ll not be obliged n infact he might even forget about the so called 40th birthday for all I care, simply because he has turned to a big fool @ 40…if what he thinks and crave for is Orgy at that age….

  4. Orgy ko, Clifford Orgy ni……Impossicant except he agrees 3 handsome dude join in the orgy…if not I won’t tolerate it……..marriage bed is for 2….hubb n wife when it becomes extended then one is giving the devil an invitation to habitate in the marriage.

  5. Yep I would definitely oblige my husband and do my wifely duty and make his dreams a reality. I would go as far as preparing him for his dream date by massaging him with sensual oils to get him in the mood, lighting candles to set the mood and cover him with feathery kisses all over to ensure he is ready to perform.
    Then I would get out my video camera– with his consent of course– and usher in two naked, sexy, black, tall well built, very well hung gay men ready to get down to business and tell that mofo have his three some. Of course I would then enter the video of him screaming and cursing in funniest home videos.