Hello Ma, Can I meet you?

Yes off course, my name is Mrs Lagbaja, I am the wife of Mr Segun Lagbaja, MD/CEO of Lagbaja and Sons International. I bless God for the day I met my Husband, He is loving, Caring and everything a good father should be. He gives me ‘Everything’ I want. If not for him, my life would be a mess, Trust me, I mean mess literally. When he says ‘jump’ I say ‘how high’. I remember when he had to travel for 2 weeks to Antarctica, I was completely useless and scared, I kept thinking what if something goes wrong in the house, how will I cope with the kids alone? who will fix the light, gas, the cars, fuel the gen, the list is endless (she laughs).


Now am sitting here trying to wrap my head around MRS LAGBAJA’s answer to my question, and I cant, I just cant.

What did I ask? What did I get as answer? I ask about you, you tell me about your husband, oh I get it, you have no identity. You are Simply Mrs ‘The Man’. His property, His piece of furniture, without him associating with you, you are nothing. Really???? I am pretty sure this woman will give her last breath to fight those against gender equality, yet she unconsciously encourages it. Why blame the men who don’t want this bill passed? Why blame the Governor, Senator, Male boss or Husband that disagrees with this concept of Equality? Why get upset when a certain tradition says the woman is the man’s property? I don’t see any reason why you should, if you ask me. It starts from you. From within, your psychic, mentality and understanding of your worth and capabilities. (My 2 cents).

Being successful as a woman is a turn on anytime, anyday. No man wants a Liability, the moment you are perceived as one, you will be treated as one. Behind every successful man, there is a woman, and vice versa.

Women ought to help themselves, know how to appreciate themselves and as a matter of importance, develop yourself as a woman, make yourself useful. Get something doing, so you can be identified with what you can do/offer. It is by default, Men will respect you. And I am guessing the issue of equality wont arise.

It is amazing how some women look down on other women simply because ‘she’s a single mum’ or a single girl, Let me ask, Is being a mans property the ultimate for you? How about a single successful young lady being appreciated for her hard work and all she’s worth, instead of not wanting to associate with her?

I know this would be frowned at by most men, and even women (which beats me) but what has to be said, has to be said. It is simple logic, if I provide absolutely everything for you, it means you are helpless, just like a child and solely dependent on me, In return I expect you to do EVERYTHING I want, just the way I want. Without objection or reasoning.

Young girls, you are not commodities, stop selling yourselves for Chanel boy bag, Luxury Apartments and First Class trips, start small, you know the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Even the Sugar daddy you are living off did not acquire everything in a day, he definitely has a story. Get a life, be dependable, resourceful and useful all to yourself, you will naturally attract respect. Just try it.

Except you are a senior citizen, there’s always something to do. Let me stop here before I start repeating myself.

I am also thinking, If you are a truly successful man with no inferiority complex, you wont try to bring women down. You wont feel threatened by a successful woman.

It takes a real man to support a successful woman right?

Enough said.