Gone are the days when parents asked the question ‘do you love him?’ Now its ‘What does he do?, What family is she from? and so on, simply because they are trying to secure a future for you. Cant blame them.

I remember back in the days, there was this song ‘No romance without finance, you got have a J.O.B, if you want to be with me’. I used to laugh so hard because i Could not understand the song, i felt the lady was a commercial sex worker asking for money for her services. But now it all makes sense, a lot of sense.

In my opinion, Starting a relationship solely based on love will only lead to nowhere, As we all know, the only UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the love of GOD. All other types of Love go with a price/condition.

for me, love is important, but compatibility, Communication, Appreciation, trust, MONEY and friendship are more important. When there is Money, loves comes in naturally,Even the Bible says Money answereth ALL things. when you are friends before lovers, the relationship lasts longer. when you trust each other, love grows on its own.

As a man or woman of dateable/marriageable age, you need to be self sufficient, have something doing its the first step to building and earning respect from your partner, it takes away tension and makes the relationship a bit easier for both of you. you cannot sustain a relationship with ‘Love’ alone.

When everything is rosy, you definitely think and feel you are in love, but when there are downtimes, like finance, Abuse(physical, mental, emotional, financial) thats when you realise love is not just enough.

your thoughts please.