Hello My luvlies,

Happy New month.

Not getting a hang of the year yet? well you are not alone, but you must try as the year is running already.

Year in year out, it is only typical to make the historical ´new year resolutions´ which we all solemnly swear to follow on the 1st of January, and find ourselves breaking by 2nd January. Not easy right? I know.

It’s another year, obviously and we are all starting off in high spirit, hope, zeal and what have you? But I also know there are some ladies who haven’t made any new year rules consciously and unconsciously.

We make rules we brake rules, simply because rules are meant to be broken?

Don’t be a layabout, Do something, anything, Trust me you will thank me later.

I don’t see how a grown, able bodied woman will sit idle all day, and I mean IDLE, like waking up 9am and the first thing on your mind is Telemundo, Empire, Scandal and Zeeworld , flipping through instagram for 5 hours, sleeping and waking up by 4pm ready to go to club for Wednesday ladies night, and this is just to say the least. Let’s assume there are even no bills to pay, just do something for the fun of it, for relevance, for insight, to get informed, the list of reasons is endless.

Some of you can not hold a conversation, as simple as it is, so even if you decide that your job is Sugardady-ing, when a conversation is going on, what do you do? I guess that’s when you start pressing your phone.

Even if u want to sit on Instagram 247, make money out of it. Did I hear u ask me how?

If you want to gossip, let it be profitable, I do not need to expantiate on that. Be a social climber, let these small small boutiques, saloon, fashion designers, and all what not pay u to model/sell their products. Famz with the celebs if that’s what u like, just be relevant.

Now on a more serious note, How hard is it to get busy? If you can afford it, I suggest you start by enrolling for short courses online, get certifications, that is if you are an office/career woman, and if not, Learn a handy-work, (bead making, Fashion designing, Hair, Painting, Catering, Makeup, Florist, Interior Decoration, you can even be a Masseuse).

If you think you will just get married to solve this problem, the joke is on you, I tell you for free, it is not a way out. And if you want to be a mistress or sugar girl, Remember, the sponsors are all going into hiding, thanks to this present administration. Do not wait till you can not afford your human hair or Cream to take this serious.

I get amazed when I see a 20 year old girl fresh from school with brain still smoking hot and she says there is nothing to do. Meanwhile I also see women with kids and Ladies over 30, 40 and even 50 still striving to start up new businesses, working extremely hard to stay useful to themselves.

You are beautiful, but you must learn to work because you cannot eat your beauty…..

Be independent, Be you, it is the only way.

Say after me, ‘This year must not pass me by’. You know yourself.

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