METROGYPSIE- The woman within.


Stephanie Okafor is not your regular chic, when i first stumbled on her on the internet, while searching for one of my many ‘nothings’, i was impressed, too much style, so i said to myself, ‘I have to know what this chic is all about’. 

Amazingly, Stephanie is not only about style, as She holds two MSc Degrees in Economics and International Business and is currently a Management Consultant with a reputable company in London.

Extremely enthusiastic about style, trends and most things fashion, she started a Work Fashion blog from her brand name, METROGYPSIE, in 2013.

Stephanie’s flair for style emanated from her dad who was always supportive about discovering her personal style and experimenting from the age of 8/9 while in primary school. her mum was a tad more conservative but she loved jewelry A LOT. As little as 10 Stephanie was already rocking them huge vintage earrings that clipped to my interesting chat with her.




Who is Metrogypsie?

My name is Stephanie Okafor and I’m a workaholic.

Metrogypsie is my baby, a Work, Fashion and Lifestyle brand.

I am constantly busy thinking about something, doing something and then trying to start doing another, crazy. For example I cannot watch tv without being on my phone or making some list or the other.

What does style mean to you?

Style to me is another opportunity at a personality. A more up-to-date one I must say as most times what you portray style-wise is as a result of how you are feeling at that moment/period. Also, it shows your level of aesthetic-appreciation, taste and preferences. Lastly, where your head is at the time or what phase you are going through.

So, yes its pretty much a huge part of one’s being.

Best colour?


Then, honourable mentions to the colours Red, White and Black.


Beauty secret

Honey and Brown Sugar mix is an awesome face exfoliator, which I use once a week.

Best Perfumes

Tobacco Vanille & Sahara Noir by Tom Ford, Miss Dior by Christian Dior and Chanel’s Chance.

What items do you have most?

Of my possessions, I love bags the most but cannot afford all the ones I want so I’d say shoes because although I buy more clothes, I give them out really quickly.


Cannot go a day without?

Anyone that knows me can answer this, my iPhone.

In a relationship?


You cannot be caught wearing?

That would be wearing proper shorts in Nigeria. I’m too light-skinned for such behaviour, thighs are worse. Would basically be killed with the stares.

imageMost expensive item in your wardrobe?

Certainly amongst those bags of mine

Best designer

Ulyana Sergenko

Style icon

Audrey Hepburn



Heights, Starting a YouTube Channel, but I eventually did. YES!

What people do not know about you

I am such a grandma. Would rather be home on my laptop even when on vacation, hate to party especially at night.

Do you see yourself as fashionable or stylish?

Stylish, its all me. I work with trends sometimes too. My style was featured last month and from the comments it was obvious people loved it but could not relate with some looks. I would say I’m Retro Chic tilting towards vintage.

img_6689Favourite saying

What’s worth doing is worth doing well

When there is a bill there is a way (coined this myself because I tend to get creative when there is a need to be met).

7Worst fashion Moment

The first time I was in Abuja, had a birthday dinner so I got a dress from one of their few boutiques. Well, someone turned up in the exact same dress. *SIGH*