I was Priviledged to have Paul Tierney as my lecturer at the London College of Fashion, So much Knowledge and depth in one person, I mean what do you expect from someone with a career every aspiring Fashion Journalist craves for.

We were given a task during one of our classes and  I happened to be the lucky one to interview the great teacher. I thought to share my little chat with him on here.

A Chat with Paul Tierney

 On a rather hot London afternoon, here I am sitting in front of a very relaxed Paul Tierney, Yes the same one, the Fashion and lifestyle pundit.

A bit fidgety as expected, I manage to comport my self as we begin with the chat, shuffling and reshuffling the questions in my head.

‘I am not a slave to fashion and I don’t buy so many fashionable clothes’. He answers, as I ask what style means to him.

Tierney goes on to describe fashion as a statement of intent, ‘fashion is one of the most important things that we have as human beings to create an identity, and everybody wants to have an identity, so clothes are the easiest way to do that’.

Being a fashion Authority I would naturally take anything Paul tells me without a pinch of salt, We go on as he enlightens me on the essence of trying to create a classic look, having your own personal style and choosing quality over quantity.

He tells me about few pieces he will never be caught wearing, like black shoes with jeans, white trousers, color pink, anything too transparent or tight or with too much Logo and graphics. I am not surprised, as I perceive Paul to be a man conscious of what works for his age.

When I asked him about the future of stylist in the industry, He simply said ‘some people do not have that sensibility, so they need help, even when stylists manage to buy you a range of clothes, you should be able to put them together, accessorize them in such a way that it looks effortless, I mean You don’t want to look like a showroom mannequin’.

Finally, I love it when he says ‘if you want to be successful, you have to look successful’.